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Cast In Style
Quality Iron Products available Online

High quality cast iron products from Cast In Style. Traditional cookware, made in the traditional way. Take a look, you might be surprised at the money you can save.Cast In Style

Cast In Style:

"Cast in Style is a family run company.

Our founding directors Kerry and Lee Styles, pictured on the left, have a common belief in providing the highest quality products we can. Nearly all the products on our web site are manufactured by us and only us. Lee has been in the cast iron industry all his life and has been able to acquire a vast range of original patterns ,many of which are over 150 years old.

We are a quality company with a reputation to uphold, that is why we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we produce. We're based close to Iron-Bridge Gorge, England where the cast iron industry was forged 150 years ago, which has a worldwide reputation in the cast iron industry dating back to Thomas Telford.Cast In Style

Welcome to our world of high quality cast iron products

Please enter our internet shop and take a look around our exciting range of cast iron products and kitchen accessories. We are a family business, and as such we take great care in insuring that we provide you with the very highest of quality products and service, and that includes protecting our environment as well.Cast In Style

All the wood used in our products comes from suppliers dedicated to the protection of our planet. We only use timber from sustainable forests and that is backed up FSC trademark and Forests Forever. Our timber supplier also contributes to the world wild life fund, so your product will give that extra help".

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Cast In Style

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