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Best Trades People

"Best Trades People: the home for Builders, Plumbers, Central Heating Installers, Roofers, Painters and decorators, diy advice, diy tips, and much more. All the trades people that you are looking for can be found right here. This site is FREE for businesses and homeowners alike."

I've had a look at this, and it appears that what these people are doing is GREAT! The thing is, if you want to get someone to fix something, mend something, build something, you might want to do it yourself or you might want to call for trades people, but you've always had to be careful because in the past there have been "cowboys*", ie people who bodge up the job and probably charge you too much anyway. But what would be really good is if the past deeds of the trades people you were considering hiring were published. Ie, you could see what was said by satisfied customers and/or disgruntled customers. If someone had a reputation of doing a good job and not being expensive, you'd see a great many recommendations. And if someone did a bad job and/or overcharged the customer, you'd hear about that too.

Here's some more of what Best Trades People say:

* Homeowners: Why take the chance of hiring cowboys*? Help us as we create the largest data base of GENUINE trades people in the world by recommending those you have been happy with.

* Businesses: Why pay to advertise on other sites? If your workmanship is good enough to satisfy our visitors then fill in our registration form today. Your advert is FREE and stays on the site as long as visitors are happy with the work that you carry out.

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Thanks from all the team at Best Trades People.

This seems to be exactly the right way of doing things. In the long run, trades people who do a good job and have customers who are pleased with the work they have done will do well.

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* The word " cowboys" is a UK slang term, and in no way meant to be disparaging of anyone in the Country & Western genre!