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Designer jewellery from BoBijou. If you buy online, you don't have to pay for parking and you can have a cuppa while you shop.


"BoBijou® is a fast growing British designer jewellery brand gaining proven success both in reputable jewellery chains and through online trading.

Having been established for 4 years after the creative director Shan had a baby born, and started to rethink her career after many years in the world’s leading consultancy, the collection has now entered a number of well established private jewellery chains, and has been featured on leading press such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Sunday Times, Financial Times, No 1, You & Your Wedding etc.

BoBijou® has developed an extensive collection of 300 designs, exclusively designed by our talented design team in house, and hand made with high quality cultured pearls and gemstones with solid silver and gold.

Having been praised for the broad colour spectrum and unique colour combinations, coupled with refreshing and highly creative styles including our signature design Multi Look Multi Function, BoBijou brand is gaining an irreplaceable market position for its refreshing designs and styles.

BoBijou offers a wide yet unique collection in:

Hand made cultured pearl and gemstone with solid silver and gold

- NecklacesBoBijou

- Earrings

- Bracelets

- PendantsBoBijou

- Rings

- Jewellery sets".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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