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bmi baby
the airline with tiny fares

bmibaby is a "the airline with tiny fares", a cut-price no-frills airline, the baby of BMI, British Midland. This is an interesting approach to air travel, and at BMI Baby there are some advantages which are detailed in their own words as follows:

"Choose seats onlinebmi Baby

There's no need to dash for a seat with bmibaby as we allow you to reserve your seat whilst you're booking online, alternatively, we'll allocate your seat at check-in. Whichever way, you won't need to join a scrum to sit where you want.

Group bookings online

If you're planning a trip away with a large number of friends or relatives, then check out bmibaby's prices online. We have increased the number of passengers permitted in one group booking online to 15, enabling you to book more seats in one transaction at bmibaby.com.

Change your flight

No matter how much you plan, things change. That's why at bmibaby we allow you to change your travel plans to fit around your schedule right up to 3 hours before you fly. You can change just about anything, where you're flying to, what day you're going or even just the seats you've selected (see terms and conditions for details). And the best bit is that it's completely interactive, which means you can make changes online without having to speak to the call centre - unless of course, you want to.

Online check-in

If you're travelling with hand baggage only and you want to get your skates on then use bmibaby’s online check-in facility. Currently available on all flights from Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester, the facility enables you to beat any queues and board your flight in no time at all (see our online check-in for section details). Look out for online check-in from more UK airports – coming soon!

We're award winningbmi Babybmi Baby

bmibaby has been voted "Best No Frills Airline" in the Telegraph Group Travel Awards for three consecutive years (2003, 2004 & 2005). The awards are voted for by 25,000 readers of Telegraph Group publications and all respondents must have travelled with the low cost airline to register their vote. Thank you to all of our passengers for voting bmibaby into the top spot and helping us to celebrate triplets!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.bmibaby.com/ affiliate program is with Phd Marketing. The links (were http://affiliates.phd.co.uk/z/32/CD4084/ ) have now GONE, which is a shame especially considering the fuss involved in setting up this page and messing about changing the images because of minor adjustments in corporate marketing style. Nevertheless, BMI Baby will still be welcomed back should they decide to have an affiliate program!

BMI BABY - the airline with tiny luggage allowances!: According to the BMI Baby website, carry-on luggage was allowed up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. However, at the check-in, the famous BBC Watchdog found that the cages used for testing luggage were SMALLER than that. Passengers were charged an extortionate £30 for "oversize luggage" even if it was regulation size, and deprived of their carry-on stuff, which could comprise laptops as well as possibly their life-essential medical kit. Thankfully, since being caught-out by Watchdog, BMI Baby have promised to replace the sixty faulty luggage-measuring cages with ones at are in-line with the rules stated online. So, hopefully the problem with not re-occur. It's now a matter of the airline growing its reputation back so that they can be trusted to be consistent in their statements and implementations.

Also beware of of hidden charges on payments. BMI Baby have been discovered to put hidden penalty fees on payments by credit card OR DEBIT CARD. However, it's said that you can get around most of these fees by paying using a PREPAID CARD

We present both good news and bad news, for the benefit of folks. It's in the interests of the airline to cause good news to happen, so it can be publicised on these pages!