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Bagga Menswear

It's Bagga time! You've heard of them from FHM, now take a look at their website and see the coolest menswear on the market.

Bagga Menswear:

"Bagga has been one of the UK's best Menswear Retailers since 1994, when we opened our first High Street Shop.

In 2002 Bagga were awarded the industry's highest accolade - the FHM award for Best Small Retailer in the UK.

Bagga were in competition with hundreds of the Uk's best, and were judged on criteria including Customer Service, Product Mix, Presentation and Communication. Our proudest moment in our twelve-year history.

Bagga is an authorised stockist of some of the most sought after and exclusive Menswear Brands in the UK. Only current season's products are stocked, and we are often the first in the UK to have new products live on the web.

From massive International Brands such as G Star and Armani to very niche, exclusive products like Michiko Koshino and Artful Dodger - Bagga has it all, with next-day delivery in the UK".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Bagga Menswear

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