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Alaskan Air Conditioners

With the increase in Global Warming, we all need to consider Air Conditioning. Therefore, take a look at Alaskan Air Conditioners, you might want to buy one before summer comes.

Alaskan Air Conditioners:

"InStyle Products Limited are proud to offer Alaskan Air Conditioners, a range of stylish and compact portable air conditioners.

Alaskan Air Conditioners are a range of stylish and compact portable air conditioners.

Our units are available in a range of sizes and specifications and are suitable for both residential and light commercial applications. They are simple to install, requiring only a 13 amp socket outlet and a window to exhaust the heat, so installation time is minimal and they can be moved to where you want the cool air.

The Alaskan website has been developed to give our customers access to the best quality, value for money Air Conditioning products available.

All models are supplied complete with infrared handsets, window ducting kits and an operating manual. We offer free delivery on all orders over £75.00 to the UK mainland".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Alaskan Air Conditioners

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