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101 Candles
It's the Place for Candles

101Candles is a candle SPECIALIST, so if you're looking for CANDLES, there's a good chance this is a better place to go than somewhere that just happens to sell candles. Here's what they say at the 101Candles company themselves: "101Candles.com is a leading candle retailer, where you will find an extensive range of high quality candles and accessories. The site is constantly updated with the latest designs and scents from top suppliers. We have a candle for every occasion, whether you want to send a gift to another, or simply treat yourself, make 101Candles.com your first stop for all your candle needs.

We pride ourselves on our quality of product and service and to that end we offer the 101 Candles Promise: 100% refund of the purchase price if you are not satisfied. Our prices are highly competitive and regularly measured against other retailers to ensure our customers always get the best deal.

We offer a comprehensive shopping service with reliable and timely product delivery and a fantastic gift wrapping facility. The site also features detailed information on products, candle safety, home decoration, health, aromatherapy, feng shui and many related subjects. We've got candles covered, so cut out the middle man and shop from the comfort of your home with 101Candles.com"


http://www.101candles.com affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. The affiliate program has gone, but now the website domain has also been lost!

Gone! In the meantime...

So you don't go without your candles online, we've a new candle company linked from this page. So please follow this link to... CANDLES