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X10: X Cam by X10 Wireless Technology

The X-cam by X10 Wireless technology is a wireless video camera which you can set up at home and watch what's going on at a distance. You can pick up the radio signal from the video camera a good distance away and monitor your own security on your computer.Xcam by X10 Wireless Technology Here are some helpful answers to questions presented in the X10 Wireless Technology Xcam FAQ:


What is the maximum distance I can send the camera's signal?

The XCam can send a signal as far as 100 feet. Keep in mind, range of your camera will depend on your environment. For example, concrete walls are much tougher for these signals to travel through versus walls made of wood. The Xcam does have the ability to transmit through these environments. In some instances, people have been able to use their XCam as far as 300 feet without interruptions!

Is there any way to extend the range of X10's wireless cameras or Video Senders?

Yes. The signal from the XCam to the receiver can be extended by adding additional video senders and receivers, if your camera and receiver are more than 100 feet apart.

Can the XCam be used both outdoor and indoor?

Absolutely! The Xcam is weather resistant but not waterproof. This means it has the ability to function outdoors in an environment if kept away from rain or downpours. When using the XCam outside, keep it an area protected from the rain, like under an overhang. This will prolong the life of your camera and give you many more years of use!

Is it easy to set up?

Yes! If you use a screwdriver, you can install the Xcam in under 10 minutes. In fact, the Xcam may be the only security camera you can install with only two screws!

What else is needed in order to operate this camera?

To save you money, we sell the XCam kit with all of the components you need to get started! You receive 1 XCam (valued at $69.99), 1 Video Receiver (valued at $39.99), 1 VCR Commander (valued at $49.99), 1 Eagle Eye Motion Sensor (valued at $24.99), 1 Credit Card Controller (valued at $19.99), 1 wireless Transceiver Module (valued at $12.99), plus free shipping! When purchased individually, these components would cost over $217.94 USD. By purchasing this set, you save over 60%, a savings of more than $137.95. (prices correct at time of publishing: 2006/11)

For addition savings buy the 3-Camera Superdeal! The 3-Camera Superdeal saves you over $137.95 or 56% off the individual prices.X10 Wireless Technology

How many cameras operate at one time?

If you have a multiple-camera system, only the camera that senses motion will be active at one time. If you'd like to be able to view multiple cameras simultaneously on one screen you can add the multiplexer, which is sold separately.

Does the Xcam have a microphone?

Yes. With the Xcam you have full video and audio capabilities! The microphone is located inside the camera casing on the head of the camera. If you are interested in having audio capabilities, you must have a receiver intended for audio. If interested, you can upgrade the current video receiver on this package to receive audio for only a few dollars more.

How do you focus the camera?

X10 cameras are shipped in focus for normal use. You can adjust the focus if needed. Just remove the clear plastic cover and rotate the inner portion of the lens.

I thought the cameras were supposed to be wireless. Why does my XCam2 have a power cord coming out of it?Xcam by X10 Wireless Technology

"Wireless" is an electronics term referring to the method of information transfer. It has nothing to do with how the device receives power (electrical outlet, solar cells, batteries, etc.). The infrared signals sent from your remote to change the channel or increase the volume on your TV is a form of wireless communication. It simply means the information (voice conversation, computer data, video, telemetry, etc.) is not sent through a cable.

What other accessories are available for the Xcam, and what do they do?

The Xcam is a versatile camera that can be used with just about every product that X10 manufactures. Here is a list of some of these items and how they work hand-in-hand with your XCam:

* Video Receiver – The Xcam transmits its signals to the Video Receiver. The video receiver is either plugged directly into your television or VCR, allowing the picture from your XCam to be displayed.

* USB Video Capture Adaptor – The USB Capture adaptor is what allows your Video Receiver to plug directly into your computer, allowing the picture from your XCam to be displayed on your PC.

* Ninja Pan & Tilt Base with remote – The Ninja Pan & Tilt Base is a base that allows your camera free movement to pan and tilt. Use the remote control to send signals to the Ninja base to pan and tilt.

* VCR Commander – The VCR Commander works with the XCam to record motion that is detected to a standard VCR. If you are looking to record what the XCam captures, a VCR Commander is essential.

* Motion Sensors – Motion sensors can work in conjunction with your cameras to provide a wider coverage area for detection and recording.

* Multiplexor – A multiplexor allows you to view the actions of multiple cameras at one time.

Does the XCam Receiver output PAL and/or S Video?

The X10 camera transmits video in NTSC format (the TV format used in North America), and the Video Receiver's output is the same. Our video receivers do not have S-Video connections, but use a video RCA output jack to connect to a TV or VCR, as the majority of video electronics in North America use this format over S-Video.Xcam by X10 Wireless Technology

What is the sensitivity of the microphone?

The microphone is sensitive enough to pick up conversational level noise from a range of about 10 feet, louder noises can be picked up even if further away.

Can I use my camera as a web cam? How do I connect my camera to my computer?

Yes. By using a Video Capture Adaptor, you have the ability to send the camera video to your computer. The video jack is a standard RCA video connection (NTSC-M). This device is supported on Windows 98 SE through Windows XP.

[we are waiting to see for sure, but it's presumably compatible with Linux as well!]X10 Wireless Technology

Why should I choose the XCam?

It has multiple capabilities as a security camera, and a webcam, providing you flexibility. In addition, it's compatibility with many add-ons allow you to be as creative as you want to be. And our 30-day return guarantee means you have nothing to lose!


If you are interested and would like to get an Xcam for yourself, VISIT X10 HERE via our X10 dedicated page.