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If you like jumping up and down, getting a trampoline may be a good idea. With a trampoline you can jump surprisingly high, and with practice it's possible to accomplish remarkable acrobatics, without having to travel to planets with lower gravity. Even in the high gravity environment of a weighty planet such as The Earth, it is possible to jump high thanks to the energy conservation of the springy stuff that trampolines are made of.

Here are a few helpful places that have trampolines (and parts) available:

Bouncy Happy People UK

Trampoline Parts and Supply USA

Trampoline Parts Center USA

Trampled Underfoot UK

Supertramp Direct UK

Trampoline Warehouse UK - FREE UK Mainland delivery

Outdoor Toys Direct UK

"Trampoline technology in shoes"?! For that, you need Gravity Defyer which is a special brand of available footwear.

If you go in for trampolining, make sure you are safe! There is a level of danger-management required similar to that for a swimming pool. With a trampoline, you have to make sure the equipment is properly fixed to the ground so it can't tip up, and also you have to make sure you don't land on the edge, which could be nasty. As with riding a bicycle, it's a matter of commonsense, and failing that, luck.

Beds are sometimes used as trampolines, but they are not as springy. I wonder how many people have tried this idea the other way round, by sleeping on a trampoline?!