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Superhero Outfits

As well as being notable for their super powers, and their heroic determination to do what they're going to do, superheroes are also notable for their remarkable fashion sense. It is part of the genre that super heroes wear fantastic outlandish outfits which distinguish them from the normal folk. There are good reasons for this, but style is clearly the priority, with practicality taking a definite second place!

It's interesting to note that, considering many superheroes were created as cartoons in bygone decades, the style of superhero outfits is way ahead of the time, or in some ways harking back to a previous romantic period. Against a backdrop of drab conventional fashions, the superhero stands out as being different. This is something people aspire to.

I have a theory that the archetype of superhero outfits as per Superman was originally inspired by a painting from an earlier period. In the Pre-Raphaelite painting of Saint George and The Dragon, the hero St George is depicted in a tight-fitting outfit with a red cape blowing out behind him in the wind.

Masked characters such as Zorro and the Lone Ranger would in theory be hiding their identity so folk wouldn't recognise them, but it seems a curiously ironical idea considering the high visibility of the figures, and it may be that once it caught on it became more of a dramatic gesture giving extra mystique to the characters.

If you fancy yourself as a fantasy superhero, where would you go to get your superhero outfit custom-made? It's tempting to think that Edna Mode (the eccentric fashion designer from The Incredibles) would be in the phone book, but there was another good contact, a bespoke tailoring place where you can get just about anything made to your own custom design, which was LadyBwear. (Shucks! That's no longer present). So, a search around Alternative Markets might be a good idea!

You can however get a Superman bathrobe at Find Me A Gift

Good news for would-be superheroes is now here: Morphsuits have full lycra Zentai in your size. This is inexpensive, and a good start. The material is stretchy, and what you wear with it is up to you.