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Support your learning with Permacharts. Whether you need a new language for a business trip or want to find out more about wine, there's a chart for it at their website. Permacharts are laminated quick reference guides.


"Permacharts Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of low cost, laminated quick reference guides.

The company has produced quick reference materials for more than 20 years and its reference cards and wall charts are well loved and well known. Permacharts buyers buy from 1 to 10 reference guides at a time and schools often order in the 100's.

The company's off-the-shelf quick reference guides are available for more than 500 subjects.

Each reference guide is researched and written by an appropriate subject matter expert and carefully laid out and accented with relevant photographs or images to ensure that facts are easy to read, easy to access, and easy to understand.

Each reference card is also laminated in a clear and durable polyester to ensure that your guide is scratch resistant, difficult to tear or rip, waterproof, spill resistant, and grease resistant".

I wonder what else you can do with Permacharts?!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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