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Imaginary Greetings

Have a letter sent from Santa, The Easter Bunny and more with Imaginary Greetings. The letters are sent worldwide, so anyone can enjoy them.

Imaginary Greetings:

"All of us can remember a time, maybe not too long ago, when just the mere thought that Santa Claus could exist created a gut wrenching level of excitement impossible to duplicate. I would even go as far to say that most of us have probably never felt that same level of enthusiasm since... until we had a child of our own.Imaginary Greetings

Can you honestly remember what it's like to not be able to sleep just thinking about what Santa Claus was going to leave under your Christmas tree? If not, just ask your children or grandchildren...because they know.

As adults, we have been conditioned to think what seems "too good to be true" probably is. However, your child is looking for reasons to believe...

Today, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the literally once in a lifetime magical belief in Santa Claus that meant so much to you as a child. This is where we can help you shine...

Located in the small town named after St. Nick himself, as you can probably imagine, we are all about Christmas year-around. For years it has become tradition for many families to travel to our small community to have a Imaginary Greetingsletter mailed to their children carrying the special official postmark of Santa Claus lovingly designed each year by a child.

Imaginary Greetings, voted as one of the Best Ideas for Christmas by Woman’s Day Magazine is a festive online holiday program which specializes in creating products which will capture the imagination of a child all year long.

Thousands if not millions of children remember as a child receiving a letter from Santa Claus, but IGCO also crafts specialized letters from the Tooth Fairy, Cupid and The Easter Bunny".

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Imaginary Greetings

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