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Husa Hotels

If you are going to Spain, you'd better take a look at Husa Hotels. They have been providing Spanish accommodation for almost 80 years.

Husa Hotels:

"Husa Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Spain, with more than 160 hotels in 6 different countries.

The hotels are grouped by categories depending on the market areas: Luxury, City, Mountain, Wellness or Holiday hotels, with the goal of cover the needs of all their different guests.

Husa is present in all the main Spanish towns and also in other international urban destinations.

They offer innovation and a top-class service, always with the aim of making a lasting impression on every one of our guests.

The Husa Group is a solid and prestigious family company that was founded in 1930 and dedicated to the accommodation industry".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Husa Hotels

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