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Hotel Chocolat USA

Well it may not do a lot for your waistline, but who cares! Hotel Chocolat USA, see how difficult it is to resist their chocolate, but don't blame us!

Hotel Chocolat USA:

"All good stories need a bad guy, an antagonist who sparks the action. For us that bad guy was the mediocre quality of chocolate available in UK stores. So, 15 years ago, co-founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris embarked on a journey to do something about it.

Starting as a mail order catalog business, we began making our brand of exclusive chocolates available to UK consumers for the first time. An award-winning website soon followed and in 2004 the first of many Hotel Chocolat retail stores appeared across the UK. The company and their chocolate have a loyal following all over the world, and have established a presence in the United States to better serve the American chocolate connoisseur.

Hotel Chocolat (pronounced shok-o-LA) began 15 years ago in the UK, when co-founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris embarked on a journey to reset the stakes of the chocolate market in terms of quality, variety and inspiration.

A mail-order catalog preceded their award-winning Web site and retail stores across the UK. The unbeatable combination of authentic premium ingredients with imagination and flair has translated into success in the UK and beyond".

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Hotel Chocolat USA

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