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Go Faxer

All of the old faxing problems of wrinkled paper, faulty toners, etc. solved in one with the aid of Go Faxer. Send an electronic fax today!

Go Faxer:

"Gone are the days of high-maintenance fax machines, busy dial tones and environmentally unfriendly toners and papers. With GoFaxer, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you can send faxes anytime, anywhere!

GoFaxer is your cost-effective and resourceful solution to age-old, toner and paper consuming fax machines. GoFaxer allows you to send, receive and organize your paperwork electronically.

Fax anytime, anywhere with our simple web interface. Sending a fax online is quick and effortless and now that there are no busy signals you can send and receive multiple faxes at the same time.

With GoFaxer, not only do you save on the expense of toners and paper, thanks to our toll-free number you save your clients’ money too!

GoFaxer offers customers two different plans, depending on their faxing requirements. Pro plans are recommended for growing businesses, while our Home plan has been created especially for the home office".

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Go Faxer

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