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Free Bears

Support Free Bears and help a local children's charity. That's right if you place an order over a certain amount, you get a free bear yourself and better still, one is donated to a children's charity!

Free Bears:

"Select from over 1,200 stuffed animals and teddy bears, including Gund Sesame Street characters.

We specialize in plush stuffed animals and teddy bears.

Choose plush cats, dogs, monkeys, horses, pigs, frogs, cows, turtles, and more. Enter our monthly drawing for a free bear. Free greeting card with gift orders. Our service and low prices make the difference.

Ever wonder why we are called Freebears.com? It is because we give away free bears.

Buy $50 or more of our huggable plush stuffed animals and teddy bears at our regular, low prices and freebears.com will donate a free bear to a local children’s charity or send a free Cushy Critter teddy bear to you with your order".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Free Bears

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