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Forbes Magazine and More

In addition to Forbes Magazine, there's this, "Forbes Magazine and More", which offers Forbes Magazine, the Prudent Speculator Newsletter and Forbes' latest product offering, The Gilder Technology Report Newsletter *.Forbes Magazine and MORE!

Forbes Magazine and More: The products and offers are:

1. FREE Personal Investing Guide offer.

2. 4 FREE Investment reports offer - technology newsletter, The Gilder Technology Report *.

3. 2 FREE Investment reports offer - Hulbert Financial Digest's #1 investment newsletter, The Prudent Speculator.

Forbes: "As one of the leading investment magazines in the industry, Forbes brings the utmost value to its subscribers. As part of a Forbes Magazine subscription, you will receive all of the top 10 publications Forbes is renowned for, including The Forbes 500, America’s 400 Best Big Companies, and Mutual Funds Ratings and Best Buys. All subscriptions are 77% off the newsstand price and also include a FREE Forbes Personal Investing Guide. The free guide, filled with solid financial information, is an essential resource for the new or seasoned investor.

The Prudent Speculator is the only investment advisory on Wall Street with a 27-year history of investing profitably in the best values on Wall Street, from technology to learning solutions…from consumer electronics to financial services. The Gilder Technology Report * is a must have for executives in technology.Forbes Magazine and MORE! With this subscription, you will receive 4 free reports. This offer can't be beat! Apply for Forbes Magazine and More today!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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* The Gilder Technology Report: In a Forbes Magazine message dated 2004/12/10 we hear that Forbes Magazine will be ending the Gilder Technology Report but replacing it with The Forbes/Gottlieb Medical Technology Investor, described as "Our latest monthly investment newsletter focusing on the hot biotech industry" - so, this should be worth looking out for.

It's a shame that affiliate program has ended and this has had to be bunged up