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Silver Jet

Incredible as it may seem, SilverJet seems to have gone (2008/09). Here's the old page about it, and then after that I'll tell you what I think...

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Fly Silver Jet

What colour do you like your planes? Fly Silver Jet and there's nothing to worry about, other than being too comfortable on your flights. Sounds good to us.

Fly Silver Jet:

"Silverjet Business Class is unlike any other flying experience in the world. It’s designed to eradicate as many annoying and disruptive aspects of modern air travel as possible. It starts on the ground, and it doesn't stop.

We've effectively abolished 'check in' as you know it, so you can arrive at the airport just 30 minutes before departure. Everyone can choose their seat in advance, and if you are travelling alone, we’ll leave the seat beside you empty if we can.

Board at your leisure, be greeted by name when you take your seat, and we’ll hang up your coat or jacket for you.

You'll be amazed what you'll find on board: our spacious Boeing 767 aircraft are fitted with just 100, one touch, award winning, 6 foot 3 inch flat beds. These planes were built to carry 300 people, so you'll be able to stretch out and enjoy loads of extra legroom.

Our food is freshly cooked and you can order what you want, when you want from our great food choices onboard, or if you fancy, you can request something extra special from our on-line specials menus in advance.

We offer everyone an individual personal entertainment system to use whenever you're in the mood, any time during the flight.

When you want to sleep, we'll make up your bed, offer you a night-cap, and promise not to wake you, unless you've specifically requested it. We’ll keep pre-landing procedures to a minimum to give you an extra lie-in.

With no intrusive announcements, no flood-lit cabins and no trolleys to bang into your seats, we create the quietest possible cabin environment to help you sleep, or concentrate on work.

Flying Silver Class is like nothing on Earth. Or in the sky".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:


Fly Silver Jet

http://www.flysilverjet.com affiliate program via http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=1401&id=11504 was with Affiliate Window

Indeed, at the time of adjusting this page, XL Air had just been lost, and there were concerns about some of the other airlines. Silver Jet, however, was something special, and it may be that the idea comes back even if the website is gone. Silver Jet was not an economy airline surviving on a narrow margin, it was an airline whose special feature was eliminating the fuss of check-in and presumably most of that queueing and ritual humiliation performed in the name of "security" and "anti-terrorism". Instead, with Silver Jet, you could travel with some dignity, like a VIP celebrity. I wondered how they achieved this, but it may be simply that somehow they'd managed to get their jet airliners classed as private jets, which cuts through a lot of the nonsense as no-one's going to hijack their own plane!

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