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eBayeBay spam follow-up

If you link on any of the links in the eBay spam, you'd normally end up visiting eBay via the links of whoever sent the spam email messages. Whether that's eBay themselves you may be able to decide for yourself by examination of the source-code as seen at the eBay spam page. There is a viewpoint held by some people that eBay deliberately harvest addresses and send spam to everyone to get more people to sign up. However, this view is probably wrong on the basis that many reputable banks are victims to Bank Hoax emails which are method by which criminals try to get personal security information.TrustE

Also note that symbols such as the TRUST logo in an email doesn't mean you can actually trust the place! Also see the Microsoft Cumulative Patch Hoax and the PayPal Expires HoaxTrustE

Incidentally, the TrustE logo and the Caution! - "It is a SCAM!!" logo are subject to swapping around randomly.

If you'd like to try an honest affiliate link to eBay, take a look at my page about eBay.