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Space capsule with ablative heat shield

Astronauts on returning to the Earth can expect to be toasted, with champagne, but here's an example of the toasting of the other kind in which a space capsule has encountered the Earth's atmosphere at hypersonic speed and been heated up to high temperatures. The underside of this spacecraft has been torched by atmospheric friction on returning from space. It's a good thing the metal was strong enough to take the damage, and you can see on close inspection where there are blast marks and bits eroded away. This is the usual thing that happens to an object falling at such speed, and it's designed into the structure that it can stand the damage. The term "ablative heat shield" is sometimes used, as the material is made so it can be worn away. (Such sacrificial undersides are sometimes said to be seen on saucepans!). This capsule is seen as exhibited in the Science Museum in London, where you can peer at it, but I am not sure if there was a "please don't touch" sign on it the exhibit.