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Click N Kids

Invest in your children's education and they'll be of benefit to future societies. Try the Click N Kids schemes and see how they compare to their competitors.

Click N Kids:

"ClickN KIDS Was Created To Marry Education, Technology And Business

ClickN KIDS mission is to become the foremost provider of engaging and highly interactive software and scientific research based curriculums, for use in an online deliverable format.Click N Kids

ClickN KIDS is utilizing the power of the Internet to deliver interactive and individualized programs that couple sound instructional design with state-of-the-art technology to deliver instruction unrestricted by geography or time.

Our beginning reading program ClickN READ Phonics is regarded by the academic community as cutting edge and the first of its kind. ClickN READ Phonics is a proven concept for teaching children to read and retain with measurable results.Click N Kids

In this recession people are still spending on education. We pride ourselves on our commitment of a 60-day money back guarantee, which gives our customers the comfort they need to shop with confidence.

Our products, ClickN READ and ClickN SPELL have been used by schools and homes in over 100 countries for 6 years! The only programs guaranteed to teach a child to read and spell".

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Click N Kids

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