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Places with BEST in the name!

Some companies are so sure that they are "the best" that they have included the word "best" in their company name. This does not mean that they actually are the best, but it suggests they are confident.

Here are a few companies featured at this site that have "best" in the name...

Best 4 Glasses

Best 4 Plants

Best Bathrooms

Best Buy UK

Best Contacts

Best Gym Equipment

Best of New York

Best Pet Pharmacy

Best of Vegas

Best Priced Brands

Best of Orlando

Best Western

Best Western GB

Soo Best

Babesta - included for the sake of completeness, although "best" is only part of the word.

Also included in this category is Best Before Date which is a review about the misconceptions people have about those time labels on food items.

In a similar style, there's the following...

Better World Books


Better Buy Insurance

and Sit Better