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Wordplex Terminals For Sale*

SOLD! Previous description: "A set of ten Wordplex intelligent terminals, (bought around 1984, but probably dating back quite a few years before that), are available for sale. Now surely someone will buy these old computer terminals, these pieces of historic antique computer engineering, as I have slept on them*2 for too long! The computer terminals were part of a word processing system at an educational establishment and were connected to a weighty metal cased computer. The terminals are cream and black, with separate sturdy black keyboards and classic monochrome CRT screens. They are 25 pin RS232 as far as we know, but it is not a simple matter of turning them on and running them as "dumb terminals" as there is some kind of boot sequence and protocol where they are supposed to communicate with the central processor unit (which we have not got!). According to the Wordplex Company it was possible to buy a ROM and turn them into dumb terminals, but this was considered to be somewhat overpriced at the time. Presumably each terminal has a complete computer inside, probably an 8080 or something like that, with some memory (RAM), program ROM, and the usual things that computers of that age had. On opening one of them up, this theory seems likely. The power supplies are big and rated at so-many amps, and the circuit boards are much bigger than a modern PC (2004). There are no guarantees, but to the best of our knowledge most of the terminals are in good working order".

The shpiel went on to say that if you were interested, "...please put in a sensible offer for the complete set of ten, and remember to consider the shipping costs from a UK location to wherever in the world you would like them delivered. Honestly, it's best to arrange a visit to the location in the East of England where these old computer terminals are stored. With a bit of effort we could get them loaded into a van. SOLD!

This is a commodity which has almost no supply and almost no demand, but if you are wondering where to get some old Wordplex terminals, you have found the right place!

This may be the last chance anyone has to buy a set of old computer terminals by Wordplex. They're a true anachronism".

The page ended with a comment that I would soon be emigrating, and that it would have been silly to load the old terminals into my shipping containers along with my furniture.

The good news on this is: The Wordplex terminals are now *SOLD! Someone who will appreciate them has bought them. So, another happy ending on a story.

There may still be some interesting electronic stuff for sale, though.

*2 : Yes, I have indeed slept on a bed which was stacked on top of eight of the ten computer terminals.

Meanwhile, if antique computer terminals aren't your thing, there are many other pages of interest worth exploring at this site. Have a look at the INDEX and see for yourself!