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Treat yourself to some beautiful jewellery from the Edenly website. With their unique technology, you can design your own pieces.


"Edenly is the European specialist for online sales of Gold and Diamond Jewellery at the best price, quality & service.

Thanks to new technology and the creativity of our team, we offer you a new approach to jewellery making. Our site offers:

- An online creation tool to design jewellery: easy to use, it will allow you to create your ring with a few clicks. Design diamond jewellery

- An exclusive search engine: answer just a few questions to find the right jewellery for her: Jewellery Gift.

- Original concepts: The Diamonds Box is a jewellery case containing 30 different items of jewellery. It allows you to save yourself from making a difficult choice because it is she who will choose the jewellery of her preference from the case you give to her. Jewellery Gift Box.

- Innovative and practical services to facilitate your purchase:

*The 3D images of jewellery allow you to see them from all angles.

*The Edenly magnifying glass: to zoom in even more and allow you to see the most minute details on the jewellery.

*The Interactive List of Jewellery Gifts : not sure about your choice? Create a Gift List to send to your friends: they will be able to leave their comments. And if you still have no idea, we offer you the possibility to send her a request to create her own Gift List to send back to you.

* The face to face: a fun and useful tool that allows you to vote for your favourite jewellery and thus help other internet buyers to make their decision".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://en.edenly.com affiliate program was with Tradedoubler. Sadly, the program has now closed and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Jewellery page.