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Adventure Gifts

If you are looking for a variety of interesting adventure days such as flying, driving, shooting, action, water - try Adventure Gifts. They also have incredibly good taste, as they've named their company after one of our categories!Adventure Gifts

Adventure Gifts:

"About Us:

Adventure Gifts is in no way connected with Red Letter Days and operates in a completely different manner such that funding for customer experiences is transferred to a network of experience providers in advance of any activities taking place.

The Adventure Gifts network is unique and sets itself apart from 'Red Letter Day' companies by operating with very low overheads allowing its customers to enjoy experiences at direct pricing levels.

Our customers are guaranteed:

1.Not to pay excessive agents commission (typically saving 10 - 20% on exactly the same experience)

2.To always receive the full measure (agents quite often offer e.g. 30 minute helicopter lessons that are actually only 24 minutes, netting them a further 20% profit)

3.Fund protection via advance payment to experience providers.

About Adventure Gifts:Adventure Gifts

We are backed by Adventure 001 Ltd, run by pilots and have flown over 5,000 customers since 2004.

We operate our own group / corporate activity centres in Buckinghamshire, Chilterns and Cotswolds.

Adventure Gifts offers savings of 20% and more!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Adventure Gifts

http://www.adventure-gifts.co.uk affiliate program is with Affiliate Window. Sadly, the program has now finished, we hope it returns again soon. In the meantime, please visit our Adventurous Gifts page for alternatives.