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Well done to the

technical support people at supanet)TM

...for solving a particularly vexing problem which had been on the machine for a while.

And especially to CALVIN who did the actual solving.

The problem was something which was in the startup, and which did a "Server Not Found" error on the starting of Windows95. (It's a multiboot system here with Linux, Windows95, Windows3.1 and Dos6.22). It was something which the software expected was Windows98 when it was in fact Windows95. A too'ing and fro'ing of e-mails went on for quite a long time. In the end I was PHONED and was taken through the registry editing procedure carefully and the problem has now been SOLVED!

It is good to see a company go out of their way to solve a problem and to help a customer.

To request a free Supanet CD, telephone 0800 915 8185 UK