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Virtual Horseracing

A long time ago I heard a story about a gambler who had a clever idea to win at betting on horseracing. The gambler paid a scientist to do some research into the physics of horseracing and to do some calculations which would predict the winners of horse races. The scientist gave the gambler some possible results for some races and the gambler placed some bets. All the horses LOST! The gambler went back to the scientist and said "But you said these horses would win!". The scientist replied "Yes, well the calculations assumed spherical racehorses racing in a vacuum".

But this was all a long time ago and the technology of gambling and science has moved on. So much so that now you really can race virtual horses in a virtual reality world. These are a lot more realistic than spherical horses running in a vacuum, but a whole world of racing and training and gambling. Here's what they say at RaceClubs: "Raceclubs.com is a revolutionary 3D virtual horseracing game where members can own, train and race virtual horses against other members in daily scheduled races. The game provides a realistic simulation of all aspects of real horseracing and has attracted a lot of attention and participation, especially with the incentive of the significant prize money involved".

If you have been tempted by this...

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If you have a look on the site you can see Virtual Horseracing, like a video from a live event!