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My Last Rolo

We like our Rolos covered in chocolate at Zyra! However, for you romantic types visit My Last Rolo and buy your loved one a Rolo in silver, gold or platinum - it beats garage forecourt flowers!

"My Last Rolo:

We’ve all been there… a birthday missed, an anniversary forgotten, we haven’t told someone how much we care, or we’ve just had the biggest fall out in history over what’s for tea. If any of these seem all too familiar then as the official home of My Last Rolo we are here to help.

Nothing says 'I LOVE YOU' better than this timeless and iconic little chocolate, and with our beautifully crafted jewellery collection you can now give that special someone a permanent reminder.

Handmade in polished sterling silver, the Silver Last Rolo is the ultimate in romantic statements and presents a far more thoughtful declaration of undying love than the predictable bunch of carnations or box of chocolates.

Packaged in a pretty ribboned gift box, the Silver Last Rolo is produced by C.W.Sellors under an exclusive license from Nestlé".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


My Last Rolo

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