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Maplins Holiday Camp

Crimpton-on-Sea based holiday camp Maplins is a holiday destination you might like to book a place, but there is a difficulty with that, as it is a fictional place. Maplins Holiday Camp was the venue for the BBC hit sitcom Hi De Hi, a show which was well liked by folk but wasn't a 100% hit with the actual holiday camps, who were trying to shake off their old style image at the time!

Of course you can book a holiday with Butlins or with Pontins, who have actual holiday camps which exist.

The exterior scenes in Maplins Holiday Camp in Hi De Hi were filmed at Warners Holiday Camp in Dovercourt near Harwich in Essex. That venue is no more, but Warners Holidays are still in business, although they've moved out of the holiday camps business and into adults-only holidays!

Here are a few Hi De Hi / Maplins Holiday Camp resources for more info about the sitcom:








Plus, of course, our own links for you to get Hi De Hi on Amazon UK or Hi De Hi on Amazon USA