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Jurys Inn

Book a Room! This is the Breakaway group of hotels that are no longer part of Jurys Doyle

A while ago, Jurys Doyle (Hotel) was featured at a set of pages at this interesting affiliate website. I had stayed in one of the hotels myself (Jurys Kensington Hotel) on several occasions, so I thought it was worth creating a page and writing something. There were about 35 Jurys Doyle hotels at the time. More recently, it was announced that Jurys INNS had split away from Jurys Doyle Hotels. Now that makes it a bit tricky, but at long last we have a set of affiliate links set up, with Stream20, and here is a list of the Jurys Inns which are featured on this issue:

Jurys Inn Belfast (JI1)

Jurys Inn Cork (JI6)Jurys Inn Islington

Jurys Inn Christchurch, Dublin (JI5)

Jurys Inn Custom House, Dublin (JI8)

Jurys Inn Parnell Street, Dublin (JI20)

Jurys Inn Galway (JI10)

Jurys Inn Limerick (JI15)

Jurys Inn Southampton (JI22)

Jurys Inn Chelsea (JI4)Jurys Inn

Jurys Inn Croydon (JI7)

Jurys Inn Heathrow (JI12)

Jurys Inn Islington (JI13)

Jurys Inn Birmingham (JI2)

Jurys Inn Nottingham (JI19)

Jurys Inn Manchester (JI16)

Jurys Inn Leeds (JI14)Jurys Inn Croydon

Jurys Inn Newcastle (JI18)

Jurys Inn Edinburgh (JI9)

Jurys Inn Glasgow (JI11)

Actually it turns out there are more Jurys Inns than that, as Jurys Inn Brighton, Jurys Inn Milton Keynes, and Jurys Inn Plymouth, have been added since the initial affiliate program was set up. So, here's a brief summary of those hotels, I mean INNS...

Jurys Inn Brighton (JI3),101 Stroudley Road,Brighton,BN1 4DJ,UK:

"Jurys Inn Brighton is in the heart of the New England quarter of the city, a new urban area comprising retail, hotels, housing, community and educational facilities. Jurys Inn Brighton is a mere five-minute walk from the retail centre of the city and tourist attractions such as Brighton Dome, Theatre Royal Brighton and the Gardner Centre. The hotel is also within walking distance of the seafront and the Brighton Centre". link here for Jurys Inn Brighton

Jurys Inn Milton Keynes (JI17),Midsummer Boulevard,,Milton Keynes,MK9 2HP ,UK:

"Jurys Inn Milton Keynes is located in the heart of the city, close to the train station and the city's business and retail district. It will include 279 spacious, air-conditioned bedrooms, 13 Dedicated Meeting rooms, Innfusion restaurant, Inntro bar and Il Barista coffee bar". link here for Jurys Inn Milton Keynes

Jurys Inn Plymouth (JI21),46-52 Exeter Street,Plymouth,PL4 0HG,UK:

"Ideally situated in the heart of the city centre on Exeter Street, adjacent to Plymouth's historic tourist quarter, Jurys Inn Plymouth is the perfect solution to your accommodation requirements. Only minutes away from all business, shopping, cultural and entertainment districts, Jurys Inn Plymouth is the ideal base from which to enjoy this city". link here for Jurys Inn Plymouth

Jurys Inn Aberdeen

Jurys Inn Derby

Jurys Inn Exeter

Jurys Inn Prague

Jurys Inn Sheffield

Jurys Inn Swindon

Jurys Inn Watford

Jurys Inn Bradford

Newcastle Gateshead Quays

In addition to these mentionings of hotels in the specific sense, I'm also showing you a general purpose linkup to all Jurys Inns...

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.jurysinns.com/ affiliate program is restored with Stream 20. Please help us to keep the links working!