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IPC Magazines

Subscribing to a magazine saves you money, that is where IPC Magazines comes in. Better still, if you subscribe to more than one magazine you get a further discount and they deliver outside the UK.

IPC Magazines:

"Magazine subscriptions direct from the UK’s largest consumer magazine publisher, IPC Media, offering massive savings on newsstand prices.

With a subscription you can look forward to receiving your favourite magazine through your door every month saving you the time and trouble of going to the shops to buy a copy. If you take advantage of one of our special discount offers a subscription may also save you money as compared with the normal magazine cover price.

Prices displayed include delivery costs and taxes (where applicable). Any discounts to the normal issue cover price will also be explained. If you pay for your subscription using any non-sterling currency the price you pay will be dependant on the exchange rate of your credit card company and may fluctuate.

As the magazines are despatched from the UK, higher delivery costs may apply for delivery to addresses outside the UK. These will be displayed in the price summary once you have selected the country to which you want the magazines delivered. The prices displayed include delivery costs and taxes (where applicable).

When you buy any two or more magazine subscriptions at one time you will receive further discounts on each subscription selected!

Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery of the first subscription issue for both UK and Overseas orders".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The link was Here to go to the Place!

IPC Magazines

https://www.magazinesubscriptionsipc.com affiliate program is with BUY AT but has now been bunged up

The last time it was checked, these links just redirected to the website of Buy.at , so there was no point in leaving them up. Let's hope IPC Magazines have a new affiliate program soon! If this is discovered, please SAY! In the meantime, customers, you're welcome to put in the web address which is given as a matter of public information in the previous line, or you could have a look at other magazine subscriptions at this site.