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Hotel Booking Centre

Having trouble finding your accommodation? Let Hotel Booking Centre do the hard work for you. Their engine will find you the best deals around.

Hotel Booking Centre:

"HotelBookingCentre.com has been designed by a team of leading industry professionals to provide our customers with a place to browse and book their accommodation needs in a completely safe and secure environment.

Our relationship with hotels and hotel management ensure that our rates are amongst the best that you'll find - all backed up by a commitment to providing great customer service, both on and offline.

Hotel Booking CentreHotelBookingCentre.com offers a portfolio of over 20,000 hotels and apartments throughout Europe's sunshine, city and ski destinations. Customers are able to complete reservations online, in real time and with immediate confirmation.

Our booking engine allows our customers to make informed decisions about the hotels that they book. All featured properties carry extensive information and images and we also provide dedicated UK based call centre staff to help with enquiries, group bookings and special requests.

Our commitment to customer care also extends to when you are at your destination - we supply in-resort assistance and a 24 hour emergency helpline to ensure that your trip is everything that you wish it to be".

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Hotel Booking Centre

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