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DHL Express LtdDHL Express Ltd

If you want to get your parcels delivered fast, you'd better try DHL Express Ltd. It's the online UK and International delivery service.

DHL Express Ltd:

"These are the first letters of the last names of the three company founders, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn.

In 1969, just months after the world had marvelled at Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, the three partners took another small step that would have a profound impact on the way the world does business.

The founders began to personally ship papers by airplane from San Francisco to Honolulu, beginning customs clearance of the ship's cargo before the actual arrival of the ship and dramatically reducing waiting time in the harbour.

Customers stood to save a fortune.

With this concept, a new industry was born: international air express, the rapid delivery of documents and shipments by airplane.

DHLitNow is the online UK and international express delivery service for customers to send documents and parcels without the need for an account.

Simple shipping in 3 easy steps - pack the shipment, book a collection and then pay by credit card or PayPal".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


DHL Express Ltd

http://www.dhl.co.uk affiliate program was with Silvertap. Incredibly, DHL, this well-known delivery company, has lost their affiliate program! Shucks! So now this page has had to be bunged up, and until they come back, we can only really show the URL (at the beginning of this paragraph) you a few alternative couriers

Note: If you receive an email saying DHL failed to deliver to your address, it's a scam. DHL know your address or they wouldn't accept a parcel to deliver. Also, you should use a different e-mail for each company that you deal with. The one used by the scamsters is not that which DHL know, is it?