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Children's Characters

The list isn't complete, and they're not all "Children's Characters". However the idea is about right, creating a list of interesting fictional characters and linking them up with the online pages of places where you can get the merchandise.

As in Andy's Airplanes

See Toys Games Gifts and Big Red Warehouse and Party Delights

This purple dinosaur helps your children to learn to speak the American language! See Character Online and Hit Entertainment Store and Pontins Holiday Camp

Basil Brush
See Entertainment Rights

See Warner Bros Shop

See Ben10 Online and Nick Shop

Dora the Explorer
Dora La Exploradora - see Nick Jr and Big Red Warehouse and Nick Shop

Fifi Forget-Me-Not
See Fifi and the Flowertots and Nick Shop

Paddington Bear
See Teddy Bear Friends and not Paddington Station

Peppa Pig
See Peppa Pig and Character Online and Rest&Play

Peter Rabbit
Also see Teddy Bear Friends

Postman Pat
See Entertainment Rights

Rag Doll CBeebies
See Rag Doll

See Roary The Racing Car and Character Online and Nick Shop

Rupert Bear
See Entertainment Rights

Scooby Doo
See WB Shop and Character Online and Price Right Home and Rest&Play

Spongebob Squarepants
See Nickshop and Rest&Play

Stephanie, Sportacus, and Robbie Rotten
All of these at Lazy Town

There's a whole page of them.

See Rag Doll

Thomas the Tank Engine
See Nick Shop and Big Red Warehouse and Hit Entertainment Store

Winnie the Pooh
See Teddy Bear Friends and Big Red Warehouse and Party Delights

There are more, and some will be included later, but for now you'll have to explore around this website to find them. Also see Party Stuff (UK) and Party Supplies (USA).