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About the Internet Advertising Channel "Television Room" (linked off this page)

This is a form of free Internet advertising. How it works, and how these people can afford to do this for nothing is quite simple:

Sites round the world link up with the banner exchange scheme and advertise on their sites, in effect all advertising each-other.

For every 100 banner-showings (called "impressions") my site shows, I get credited with 80 impressions on other sites. The other 20 are sold by BannerHound for cash, so they make some money. What I get is free advertising, and so does everyone else on the free scheme.

Of course I haven't got advertisements indiscriminately all over my website (see Advertising Policy), I've got a discrete "Television Room" type of page where you can go and watch the curious adverts from around the world, changing as you REFRESH the page. If you'd like to try it, select the next link to enter the "Television Room" and use REFRESH to change the advertisement. It's interesting to see what stuff comes on there.

Link here to ENTER the "Television Room"

(This page has COOKIES on some of the banners)

There might be some tempting interesting places to go and look at, so it might be a good idea to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FIRST!

If you've got a website and would like to join this, there's a clickable edge on the bottom of the "screen".

BannerHound is just starting up (2001/08) so for the first week or two there might not be much variety, until a few more people sign up!

Update 2010: This was experimental, and it hasn't quite worked out. Still, it was worth a try. These days I've found what works better is the Shopping Portal and the affiliate programs associated with it.