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Babysittingcircle.co.uk enables parents to organise babysitting circles in their local area.

Babysittingcircle.co.uk is a unique service for parents who require a babysitter. There are over 9 million parents in the UK with children who are too young to look after themselves – and every parent needs a babysitter when they go out without their children!


www.babysittingcircle.co.uk affiliate program was with TradeDoubler but has now been bunged

News 2004: Although there's been no developments regarding a new affiliate link to Baby Sitting Circle, we are on good terms with the people who run this. They also run Friendly Wills, curious as it may seem. The news is that if you are looking for a childminder there is an extra option now mentioned here. You could hire a nanny. More about this possibility at Childworks although that affiliate program has now also gone. How about some of the other references to baby (baby minding contacts?)