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Association of British Travel Agents

When you are booking your Travel, it may seem reassuring to see the ABTA logo on the brochures and online material. The well-intentioned organisation to self regulate the British travel industry was set up at a time when tourists had worries about travel companies going broke and leaving them stranded somewhere remote. Stories of holidaymakers arriving at a glossy brochure hotel only to find it's not been built yet, were rife at the time. Now, to some extent thanks to ABTA, such nightmare stories are much rarer.

As well is overseeing the travel/resort companies involved to make sure there is fair play, ABTA also offers some sort of insurance guarantee, as far as I know, so that if your travel company goes broke, you'll not be stuck. As far as I know, ABTA still sort such things out, so the tourism industry has some repute.

Unfortunately, I can not write a perfect testimonial for ABTA. When I had to put a complaint in about a resort and a travel company and about travel reps siding with the management not the traveller, they failed to look into it and just sent a fobbing-off letter. This has shaped my view of ABTA, in which I consider ABTA's priority is to support its members (the travel companies) in preference to the customers. If I find differently later, I'll update this page.

I hope you have better luck if you're considering putting in a complaint to ABTA about the misbehaviour of one of its members!

For your information, the contact is:

Consumer Affairs Department
ABTA : Association of British Travel Agents Ltd
68-71 Newman Street, London W1T 3AH
Email: consumer.affairs@abta.co.uk
Telephone: 020 7637 2444
Facsimile: 020 7636 8971
Telefax: +44 (0) 20-7637 0713
General e-mail: abta@abta.co.uk
Web Site:
Company No: 551311

Make sure you keep all your travel documentation and all the dates/times/details of the problem, as you'll most likely be expected to put your complaint in writing and include a copy of your confirmation invoice.

Please note that this page is not by ABTA but by an independent reviewer who speaks from personal experience. I am not a member of ABTA nor am I affiliated with ABTA. However, I have some useful links to a variety of travel companies, some of which are ABTA members and some of which are not.

ABTA - not to be confused with ABBA or ASDA