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Four Eyez - amazing contact lenses
Fashion Four Eyez

Fashion coloured contact lenses with free shipping worldwide. "The Four Eyez brand is recognised by all as a world leader in coloured fashion lenses. Unsurpassed quality and service have created a tried and tested brand, used and trusted by millions. Whether you want a simple change of eye colour or an amazing effect with a pair of patterned lenses, you can be sure of quality and value from the Four Eyez range".

I'm impressed at this, because these people don't just sell you the contact lenses and expect you to just sort it all out for yourself. For a start, the special fluid and other things which you need are all included rather than a hidden extra. And, there are helpful instructions on how to put the contact lenses in. Helpful advice and answers to questions such as "Are they painless?" / "How can I put them in?" / "Are there any problems with... " etc. This is important, because although we all know that crazy coloured contact lenses make you look astonishing, it must seem a bit daunting when you're wondering whether to buy some and you're thinking "I wonder how ever I'm going to be able to put those in my eyes"!

So rest assured, Fashion Four Eyez have got this resolved and have the complete instruction kit, FAQ, and everything included. Even the safe storage case is included.

Fashion Four Eyez are the natural successor to Smart Eyes who we've had on display at this website for a long time!

As well as colours, patterns, and effects, there is a special category of "Gothic contact lenses" and "UV" (ultraviolet / fluorescent). There are even some red eye lenses that can make a photo taken with the most expensive camera look as if it's been taken with a cheap flash! ;-)

Everything you need to enjoy using your cosmetic fashion lenses in one convenient pack.

Now you take a closer look, and then when you're ready, people will be looking at you.

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which is the natural progression from Four Eyez

http://www.foureyez.com/ - independent affiliate program. The old link was http://ww7.aitsafe.com/go.htm?go=www.foureyez.com&afid=11195&tm=21&im=2

Time has moved on, and Fashion Four Eyez has now become Funky Lenses who also have a dedicated page at this site!