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The accident claims specialist personal injury lawyers (no win, no fee)

According to First Class Legal in 2005 there were over 700,000 personal injury claims in the UK. 1st Class Legal: "We are dedicated to providing our clients with a friendly and efficient service, conducted by specialist personal injury lawyers, at absolutely no cost and 100% of compensation awarded. We work together with our specialist personal injury solicitors, each professionally qualified and regulated by the Law Society, to maximise the client’s compensation and to deal with their claim as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our ethical and professional approach to the handling of personal injury claims. We guarantee the client 100% of their compensation and do not ask them to fund or finance their claim in any respect. There are no loans to arrange, no insurance policies to take out and no medical reports or expenses to pay. Our accident claim scheme is completely risk free and, win or lose, there is no charge. Following a recent government review an organisation known as the Claims Standards Council has been set up to assist with the monitoring and regulation of the activities of claims handling companies. 1st Class Legal is one of the first to be accepted onto the panel as an approved claims handling company ensuring clients are dealt with on a basis of decency, probity and fairness at all times".

First Class Legal specialise in the following types of cases:

(Generally speaking the accident should have happened within the last 3 years although there may be cases with a different ‘limitation period’, for example asbestos exposure cases where it takes between 10 and 50 years for the disease to develop and become apparent).

To find out if you may have a valid legal claim worth pursuing at no expense to yourself...


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Special hint by the affiliate: Your chance of acceptance and success is greatly increased if you make a good detailed account of what happened to you. Solicitors are much better equipped to fight a legal battle for you if you explain yourself well and can help them to "Put Your Case". So, write up your grievance well, tell the whole story with details and let the experts judge for themselves if they can prove you have right on your side. Go for it!