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Accurist Tachymeter watch - stolen in Belize

Accurist Tachymeter watch - stolen in Belize

This Accurist Tachymeter watch was stolen from me by robbers who had me by the throat while they ransacked the house I was renting in Santa Elena, Cayo, Belize. Surely they have police in Santa Elena / San Ignacio, don't they? Yes, but when the police got involved, other things went missing too! See San Ignacio Police Problems. However, the watch was stolen by masked robbers, and so if you buy it, remember it's (metaphorically at least) got my blood on it! I don't expect I'll get it back, but I would like you to squeal on whoever sold it to you!

The watch has a certain sentimental value, as well as being quite a good watch.

It's very distinctive in having the red second hand stuck at about 50 seconds. Also, the expansion strap has a slight kink in it which is clearly recognisable if you know where to look.

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