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What's happened to their affiliate program?

Here at Zyra's website we're keen to continue to promote Hillarys Blinds , Web-Blinds.com and Blinds Supermarket on an affiliate program. However, there was a problem with Buy.at and for a while the links were left not going anywhere, corked. Well there is now some GOOD NEWS! They are back! Welcome Back!

The good news is that Hillarys Blinds , Web-Blinds.com and Blinds Supermarket have a new affiliate program at Affili.net where it's looking like they'll be good for business for a long while to come.

Please note that the temporary setback was not the fault of Hillarys Blinds, Web-Blinds.com , or Blinds Supermarket. It was a problem with Buy.at , and that is something that's now put into history.

I welcome those friendly people at Hillarys Blinds / Web-Blinds.com / Blinds Supermarket back at this site! Long may their affiliate programs and web presence continue!

Meanwhile, please spare a thought for those other companies whose pages are still corked, though no fault of their own.

The Buy.at problems were only around for a year while AOL had them, and the whole thing was solved with Affiliate Window took over.