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Cornhill Direct Van Insurance

Van insurance by Cornhill. You can get insurance for your van whatever its colour and the cover is as flexible as your business.

Cornhill Direct Van Insurance:

"Cornhill Direct recognises that small businesses and leisure vehicle owners need flexible cover to protect a wider selection of vehicles, from a van to a tipper truck.Cornhill Van Insurance

More than just excellent value commercial car insurance, you can insure your vehicle, whatever it is, online today.

You can add extra options for more peace of mind with Breakdown Cover, Legal Protection, Van Hire and cover for any driver over 25.

If you’re on a budget then Cornhill Direct can also offer you ‘Third Party Fire and Theft’ and ‘Third Party’ cover which allows you to select lower levels of cover to meet different needs.

You can insure your vehicle online TODAY, which means you don’t need to visit a broker for cover".

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Cornhill Van Insurance

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