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Autonational Rescue

There's nothing worse than your car breaking down. However, if your car doesn't, Autonational Rescue will pay you a no claims bonus.

"AutoNational were one of the very first roadside and recovery services to look after their members whether they breakdown or not! And that is because they provide national breakdown cover with a protected no claims bonus (if you don't breakdown in the first year of your membership, then you'll get 25% off your breakdown cover the following year). Join Autonational Rescue today Autonational Rescueand get this bonus as an introductory offer! Autonational policy wording has been approved by the Plain English Campaign and awarded their Crystal mark for clarity"

Autonational Rescue:

"Autonational Rescue the nationwide car breakdown service who are introducing Britain to a new kind of rescue organisation.....

.....one that looks after its members whether they have a car breakdown or not! You may already belong to a breakdown service. But is it because you expect your car to breakdown or because you appreciate the security and reassurance that membership provides? Autonational Rescue offers cheap car breakdown cover and a full range of car breakdown and recovery services including vehicle breakdown assistance, low cost car breakdown cover and nationwide breakdown and recovery services.Autonational Rescue

But have you ever asked yourself: Why should I pay the same price as members who regularly break down once, twice or even three times a year?

The plain fact is that you shouldn't. And if you join Autonational Rescue, then our No Claims Bonus will ensure that you don't.

What's more, you can now have one breakdown in any two years - without losing your No claims bonus".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Autonational Rescue

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