david xeno - back cover

books often have a back cover with a photo of the author and some blurb which is meant to make he/she sound good.

I am not a pretty sight so bugger the photo.

I don't think that my [degree in Oceanic narratives / translation of Tantric texts from the Sanskrit / 18 months incarceration in a mental hospital in Mississippi / production of 4.3 children (one by alien abduction) / origin on the planet xen xed xolotl / relationship with a neo-papist evangelical nun / habitation in a hand-built log cabin in Lower Broughton] is relevant.

My poetry is fiction. I use "i" a lot, this is a fictional i who may be male or female, young or old, black or white - even within the same pome. The feelings are real, the setting is as [un]real as a 'spaghetti' western filmed in Spain using a Japanese base.

I am interested in feedback (preferably constructive) about your reaction to what you have read. If you came to this website with an open mind, great. If you think my writing is crap because it is not solely about the oppression of West Africans by whites in the slave trade, or because i don't start every sentence with a capital letter, this does not give me good information because i did not aim to do those things (although i'm still interested in reasons why you think i should be aiming to do those things).

The themes which consciously interest me are

The techniques which i consciously use from time to time are

If you think that you can help me write better stuff, please send me email: Alwayscominghome2@btopenworld.com

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